1Hydro Water Bottle

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1Hydro Water BottleAdvanced, Portable Filtration System

The 1Hydro Water Bottle is a new, effective way to ensure you’ll have fresh, clean drinking water wherever you go. The incredibly portable design allows you to take it on the go, meaning you’ll never be far away from delicious, crisp water. It’s ideal for hiking, traveling, camping, or any sort of emergency scenario where you need clean water. Always be prepared by having a 1Hydro Water Bottle by your side! Click the image to learn more about the exclusive, discounted price.

By using the advanced filtration system, the 1Hydro Water bottle can remove up to 99.9% of any and all bacteria. This helps to keep your water in a drinkable state, in case of emergency, or just to have fresh water by your side. Look, anything can happen in the outdoors, so it’s always good to be prepared. If you keep a 1Hydro Pro Filtration System with you, you can always be prepared. Simply fill it up with water from any natural source, and the bottle filters out any harmful elements. To get your specially priced, discounted bottle, simply click on the button below.

How Does The 1Hydro Water Bottle Work?

The 1Hydro Water Bottle takes care of all the filtration on its own. Seriously, all you need to do is fill it up with water from a source around you, and the advanced build of the bottle takes care of the rest. Once the water is poured into the bottle, the hollow fiber membrane traps in the pathogens. This makes it so only clean water can escape the filter. The purified water is then ready to drink!

The bottle is made up of BPA-free plastic material and the filtrations system is chemical-free. This ensures that the process removes the marketed 99.9% of bacteria and filth that are present in unfiltered water. You can fill the bottle up with water from a natural source (except sea water), so the 1Hydro Pro Filtration System is great for those who like to go hiking in the great outdoors.

1Hydro Water Bottle Filtration System Benefits:

    • Filters Out 99.9% of Bacteria
    • Keeps Water Crisp/Fresh
    • Integrated Bottle-Cap Compass
    • Prevents Possible Diseases
    • Carries 650ml
    • Portable and Convenient

The 1Hydro Water Bottle Has More In Store

What do we mean by that? Well, it’s not just a water bottle. In addition to being a highly advanced filtration system, the 1Hydro Water Bottle also has an integrated compass in the bottle cap. That means you’ll have a sense of direction no matter where you are, as long as you have your 1Hydro Pro Filtration System on-hand. It also has a sleek, nylon wristband so that you’ll never lose it! Both of these benefits make the 1Hydro Bottle perfect for those who enjoy camping and hiking.

How To Order The 1Hydro Water Bottle

The special, discounted price is only available if you click on the banner below. It’ll take you directly to the order page where you can view the various bundle options for the 1Hydro Water Bottle. As a special deal, the bundles get cheaper the more you buy, so why not purchase a couple for your friends as well? Click below to get started.

1Hydro Water Bottle Filtration System

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